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Trees of Life | True (Life)

Mikel Rø, 2022


40 × 30 cm, Katalognummer: #9519
Thema: Natur Stil: Experimentell

Dieses Bild (Fotografie) aus dem Jahr 2022 wurde aufgenommen von dem Künstler Mikel Rø und ist bei Nissis Art Gallery zum Kauf verfügbar.

„The words true and tree share the same roots. True is an extension of Proto-Indo-European*dóru/ *drew- , so both tree and true originally meant „be firm, solid, steadfast“ or „wood, tree“. German „sich treu bleiben“ logically means being true to oneself. Trees talk to each other, humans talk to each other. Do trees also lie?

It is not surprising that most humans relate human life and death solely to the human body. As if there is any evidence what consciousness truly is. „Life“ stems from Proto-German *lībą (life, body), while the Proto-Indo-European root means fat, sticky substance, to stick. Truth often appears to be very flexible or slippery.

It is no coincidence that Lao Tzu refers to the „uncarved block“, in Chinese rather meaning natural, unforced nature of mind, unworked wood. Simply being true and steadfast, but unconditioned. Like a child that returns back into mother’s womb. The color of Taoist element Wood is green, like green leaves and symbolizes strength and flexibility, as with bamboo. Green is also the color of the Anahata Chakra, referring to the heart. Sanskrit anahata means unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten. Everything is connected.“ (Mikel Rø)

„Death is neither a good nor a bad thing, for that alone which is something can be a good or a bad thing: but that which is nothing, and reduces all things to nothing, does not hand us over to either fortune, because good and bad require some material to work upon. Fortune cannot take ahold of that which Nature has let go, nor can a man be unhappy if he is nothing.“ (Seneca, The Younger)

Photo-Print auf Hahnemühle FineArt Photo Rag 308 g/m². Ohne Rand.

Geeignet für Bilderrahmen 30×40 cm ohne Passepartout oder z.B. 50×60 cm mit Passepartout-Innenmaß 30×40 cm.

Auf Wunsch auch auf Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta Satin 300 g/m² erhältlich.


110 €

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Mikel Rø
(Foto)künstler und Denker aus Deutschland, 1975

Mikel Rø is not fond of labels and considers one direction rather as a one-way street and limiting. He prefers to remain some mystery. While he was born in the GDR and now lives in Hamburg he does not consider himself being German, but an Earthling/ Starseed. His ancestral DNA genetic group distribution shows roughly one third Irish, Scottish and Welsh, one third Balkan, more than one sixth Scandinavian and some Baltic plus English. Genetic group of Germany not present. A question like "Who are you?" reads simple, but what if one is being asked to not use name, age, nationality, occupation, hobbies? What is left? Mikel Rø feels a little "different", sometimes like an alien born on the wrong planet.

Mikel Rø received his first photo camera at a very young age – from his grandpa; his first images featured bears (in the zoo). The world of music also had to be explored, so he "studied" most music genres. Later he started to produce music, including one bootleg remix of Boris Dlugosch's "Look Around You" that was even played on Danish radio. Photography is simply one facet of his personality, another one is painting. Just for the fun of exploration. Philosophy and spirituality are playing major roles, combining Eastern and Western approaches, but not following any doctrines. Learning by simply doing. Being the observer who observes one Self and the world.

The Ego is a peculiar construct to Mikel Rø. It is an ID, but not real. The Persona is only a mask. The Self is hidden, the Shadow is being hidden from the public. Who is Mikel Rø? An artist-scientist chimera, an INTP weirdo like Albert Einstein, John Nash, Charles Darwin, Rene Descartes, Hannah Arendt, M.I.A., Liam Gallagher, Dustin Hoffmann, Sigourney Weaver or Sheldon Cooper.

Mikel Rø believes that reality cannot be explained in binary thinking patterns, because words alone are biased due to conscious and unconscious etymological meanings and (societal) conditioning. Using the INTP personality label means introverted thinking dominates, combined with extraverted intuition and extraverted feeling. Qohen Leth in Terry Gilliam's motion picture "The Zero Theorem" is a literal example of the latter: what feels humanity. The character speaks not as "I", but "We". Other labels that may be applied to Mikel Rø are neurodiversity and highly sensitive person.

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